Host Liana Tedesco, MD

• Recorded on Monday, February 12 at the AAOS 2024 Annual Meeting, this episode features guest interviewees Dawn LaPorte, MD, FAAOS and Amiethab Aiyer, MD, FAAOS, discussing their article, "Barriers to Entry: Socioeconomic Discrepancies Between Unmatched First-Time Applicants and Reapplicants in the Field of Orthopaedic Surgery" from the February 15, 2024 issue

• Articles summarized from the February 1, 2024 issue

• Research article "ChatGPT's Ability to Assist with Clinical Documentation: A Randomized Controlled Trial"

• Research article "Outcomes of Long Bones Treated With Carbon-Fiber Nails for Oncologic Indications: International Multi-institutional Study"

Follow this link to download these and other articles from the February 1, 2024 issue of JAAOS and the February 15, 2024 issue of JAAOS.

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