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Caroline Hing Caroline Hing Author
Jennifer Green Jennifer Green Author
Andrew Wines Andrew Wines Author
Deepa Bose Deepa Bose Author
Ronal Navarro Ronal Navarro Author
Laurie Hiemstra Laurie Hiemstra Author
vivian chye vivian chye Author

Johnson & Johnson are supporting this event, through their partnership with orthohub

The International Orthopaedic Diversity Alliance are running a series of webinars on equality and diversity within orthopaedics.

IODA is an international alliance of orthopaedic surgeons collaborating to advance the inclusion of women and under-represented minorities in Orthopaedics.

Target audience: orthopaedic surgeons & trainees, junior doctors and medical students, orthopaedic industry & orthopaedic training / research institutions, orthopaedic nurses specialists, administrative staff and allied healthcare professionals.


Orthohub are delighted to be hosting this session on behalf of the International Orthopaedic Diversity Alliance.

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