Course Instructors

Peter Bates Peter Bates Consultant Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon
Daniel Perry Daniel Perry NIHR Clinician Scientist
Xavier Griffin Xavier Griffin Professor of Orthopaedics
Kash Akhtar Kash Akhtar orthohub host

orthopaedic research x the ‘average’ orthopaedic surgeon: 3 things everyone needs to know

Research is a funny old thing. It is (or certainly ought to be) the very foundation upon which our clinical practice is built. Any yet, to many of us, a lot of research activity seems like a dark, mercurial art, practised by boffins and nerds in ivory towers, surrounded by impenetrable mnemonics and baffling statistics.

As trainees, we don’t necessarily see research being done really well unless we happen to be rotating through one of those few academic centres. Ordinary ‘jobbing’ orthopods often don’t get to feel the excitement that being on the cutting edge of research can create. Truth is, research is the forge in which our future practice is made and so it needs the attention of us all. How can we read an article without having some idea of the research principles behind it? Plus, we’re all bright people and should have something to contribute – how do we get involved?

This webinar is a crash course in everything you need to know about research! We’ve got you two of the most dynamic, thrusting and non-boring trialists in the UK to explain all those things that I never understood, either as a trainee or even as a junior consultant.

  • how do you build research in your own dept?
  • what are, GCP, PPI and CRN?
  • how do NIHR decide which research questions to put money into?
  • What is equipoise and how can I have it if I think I know the answer anyway?
  • is a ‘pragmatic’ trial just another word for one that shows no difference between treatments?
  • what are 4 easy steps for trainees to get invovled in research?
  • how do you grow a research outfit in your own dept?
  • List item

All will be addressed and more. Watch again now.

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