In this episode, Dr. Rosie Sendher and guest co-host Bre Grofscik are joined by Dr. Leila Strickland, co-founder and chief science officer of Biomilq. Leila’s personal experience as a mother gave birth to this mother-centered and woman-owned company, which creates cell-cultured human milk from mammary epithelial cells. These are the same cells that produce milk in a lactating mother, and Biomilq is researching how to best nurture and grow these cells in a laboratory setting to produce human milk! This remarkable novel innovation aims to empower mothers without compromising early nutrition.

Leila’s story will be a familiar one to many, as breast-feeding is an endeavor that is often riddled with challenges. Please join us for an important discussion that begins at the cellular level - highlighting Biomilq’s research, breastmilk composition, and lactation physiology - and ends at the macro level where we explore how access, resources, and professional culture all impact breast-feeding and child nutrition.

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