Drs. Douglas W. Lundy, MD, MBA, FAOA and Aaron Brandt, MD, sat down with Dr. Matthew R. Schmitz, MD, FAOA to discuss the development of two new Lessons in Leadership Podcast Series. Dr. Lundy discussed his intention to interview different leaders on the topic of the future in orthopaedics. This primarily involves changes in culture, employment, and technology—factors that have a major effect on the careers of orthopaedic surgeons. Dr. Brandt indicates that different leaders will be interviewed on the best ways to develop skills early in their practice. This includes addressing the importance of meaningful mentorships, finding success at your first job, and being as productive and efficient as possible. By interviewing these leaders about their early career best practices, Dr. Brandt’s goal is to give young orthopaedic surgeons valuable and relevant information as they evolve in their practice.