On this episode of the A0A’s Podcast: Lessons in Orthopaedic Leadership, Drs. Charles Goldfarb and Alexander Aleem are joined by Dr. Douglas Lundy to discuss imposter syndrome, leadership skills, advocacy, and much more. Dr. Lundy shares how he started his leadership journey in the army and what he learned from his trauma fellowship. 

The three discuss how leadership is a skill that needs to be developed and how irresistible leadership opportunities are when it calls on people. They talk about how important colleagues and friends are and how impactful it is that the giants of the orthopaedic profession are so willing to share their knowledge and experiences. 

Dr. Lundy hopes to inspire you to work for what you want and encourages you not to allow yourself to fall into a lull. Later never comes, so take action now. 

 Leadership Insights:

  • Prove you can do the little things so that people have the confidence in you to do the bigger things
  • Have the ability to effectively bring groups of people together 
  • Be able to work with people at every level
  • Envision what the future of your work could be and how to get there 
  • Know that mistakes will be made, but they can provide the greatest opportunity for learning.

Special thanks to Peter Martin of Peter Martin Music, Inc (@iampetermartin) for the jazz introduction and conclusion