The global COVID19 Pandemic is truly the war of our lifetime but with a profound difference - the enemy is faceless and the world is united in its defeat. Measures include Social Distancing, Lockdown and Key workers under immense pressure on the frontlines has a significant detrimental effect on mental health, a challenge we need to face as aggressively as the virus itself. In this second part of our Wellness Series, #TheCoronaCast host Pranai Buddhdev sits again with Dr Rantimi Ayodele, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon and Life coach to discuss how we can recognise stressors, and face them positively. Scrolling on social media can be detrimental as can increasing alcohol uptake, eating unhealthily. Basic tips are given on prioritising sleep, healthy eating and exercise, whilst enhanced tehcnaiues include practising mediation, mindfulness, gratitude documentation and forgiveness. Useful links are given to books and podcasts - twitter #COVIDKindness.

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