HAPPY NEW YEAR #ThePaedipodsCast Listeners! Thank you for all your ongoing support as we enter our third year of providing you with interviews with leaders for the field of global paediatric orthopaedic surgery.

In this episode, podcast host Mr Pranai Buddhdev (@Pranai_B) visited the newly opened CURE Hospital in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and had the opportunity to sit with their senior lead paediatric orthopaedic surgeon & Chief Medical Officer, Dr Rick Gardener. Heralding from the UK, training in Bristol and subsequently at Sick Kids Toronto, he embarked on a consultant career in the African Sub-continent following experiences that took him to Malawai & South Africa during training. He commenced his post at the CURE Hospital in Ethiopia for 7 years, including opening up the first Gait Lab outside of South Africa and being acknowledged by the Ministry of Health of Ethiopia for his services. He subsequently has moved to Bulawayo in Zimbabwe, where a new hospital was opened by the President in May 2021. Delivering excellent paediatric orthopaedic care is at the heart of the mission of CURE international, which spans across 8 countries and served over 5 million patients to date.

Please learn more about CURE at: www.cure.org

Contact me for questions, or to be put in contact with the CURE Team to organise visits @paedipods / podcasts@paedipods.com