As we enter our third month of the UK lockdown, we have had very little developments in our understanding of how the Coronavirus Pandemic will be defeated and how we can recover in the healthcare sector. With the hope to avoid a second peak of COVID patients, elective surgery was halted initially, with the hope to resume by mid-Summer. There has been some guidance from the BOA and NHS England with regards returning to some normality, however questions remain with regards to the safety of elective surgery, recovery, face-to-face consultations and its undenied impact on the healthcare workforce that have been pushed to their limits over the last few months. In this episode, #TheCoronaCast host, Mr Pranai Buddhdev, Consultant Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgeons sits with Mr Fergal Monsell from Bristol Childrens Hospital and BOA/BSCOS Council Member to discuss some of the unanswered concerns and questions of both clinicians and their patients - how do we consent? what testing should be in place? what happens to our high-risk patients? As well as learning how to address the lapse in surgical training for junior staff, they also discuss what positives have come from Coronavirus, and how this will define the practice of the specialty in the future. 

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